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What Is The Bold Brave Beautiful Event?

In association with Time With Natalie, the Bold Brave Beautiful event is where women from all walks of life join together to be inspired, motivated and educated in order to help them find their true identity, take action towards their dreams and fulfil their purpose.

This event is for women who want to finally make their dreams a reality and live a life that is bold, brave and beautiful!

Who Is Natalie Brown and What Is Time With Natalie?

Natalie Brown inspires purpose driven women who are called to make a difference and helps them to dream even bigger and live a life that is bold, brave and beautiful.  

Time With Natalie is her life/style channel that offers inspiration and motivation for women who love personal development, fashion, beauty and home interior - alongside some amazing celebrity interviews!

Tell Me More

The event is being held in Bristol, London, Manchester and Birmingham and is focused on 'being bold and courageous'. You'll hear from inspirational speakers who will share their journey and stories of how they overcame fear in order to reach their full potential - plus watch a special screening of the new film HARRIET.  

Our speakers will help you to see that being BOLD, BRAVE and BEAUTIFUL is about living your truth from the inside out and support you in discovering what that truth is for you.

It's Time To Talk Films ... Harriet

Join us for this special screening of the new film Harriet!

Based on the thrilling and inspirational life of an iconic American freedom fighter, HARRIET tells the extraordinary tale of Harriet Tubman's escape from slavery and transformation into one of America’s greatest heroes. Her courage, ingenuity, and tenacity freed hundreds of slaves and changed the course of history. A woman who is the epitome of being bold, brave and beautiful.

It’s a great opportunity to come together as a group and be inspired by a film and our speakers to enhance your understanding and enjoyment.

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Why You Should Attend

Living a life that is bold, brave and beautiful is about being who you are and expressing yourself from your core. It's about overcoming your fears and taking action to be all that you were called to be.  

For 2020 to be your best year yet you have to increase your confidence and be:  

BOLD enough to step out despite the fear and lack of confidence and move forward. Learn how to take advantage of your personality type, understand who you truly are and how to increase your confidence .

BRAVE enough to endure and withstand the obstacles until the end. Find the courage to take action despite your fears. Being brave is having the courage to carry on even when you want to quit . 

BEAUTIFUL enough to radiate your worth from the inside out. Learn to feel comfortable in your own skin and love yourself, just as you are. Not only will you transform your own beauty, but you will be open to being transformed BY beauty.  

This event offers the opportunity, the tools and the plan for you to believe in yourself, discover your innate courage, follow through with your desires and live a bold and awesome life. If you want a new beginning and to start living the purpose driven life you’ve always wanted, this is a MUST attend event.  

This event will provide the connection, the information and inspiration, the motivation and momentum and provide the tools needed to help you achieve success in all areas of life. We will help you to discover what you want - and go get it! 

Come and join us in Bristol, London, Manchester or Birmingham for a fun evening where you'll also network with other amazing ladies and the first 10 women to sign up at any event will receive a special goody bag filled with some of my favourite beauty brands for you to try out. As we know, looking good also helps you to feel good!

For women that really want to change I have a special offer of being at all our events in 2020 and working with me personally.

I can't wait to meet you so please come along because it won't be the same with you! x

Here's A Look At One Of Our Previous Events!

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"I would like to say a hugeeeee congratulations and THANK YOU to Natalie for putting together a Bold, Brave & Beautiful evening to remember!!! The venue was on point, the ambience was warm and inviting, the speakers were engaging and inspirational & there was a selection of tasty treats & drinks which was well received! Natalie oozed confidence, and got her message across really well. You would have no idea she previously had a fear of public speaking. Glad we finally got to meet and looking forward to future meetings. Well done Natalie!!!"  

"This event was a real insight and a snapshot of how women can really inspire and motivate each other to do great things. Sitting in the audience listening to these amazing speakers among women who were just as inspiring was an absolute pleasure and I’m really looking forward to the next one!"  

"What a truly fantastic event, I met a great bunch of ladies, the atmosphere was warm and the overall atmosphere felt comfortable. I definitely went away with ideas and things to add to my tool box. Cannot wait for the next event. x"  

"Excellent event, well planned., strong speakers with everyday backgrounds doing life whilst being Bold, Brave & Beautiful." 

"Sometimes I believe you have to take time out for yourself, for your own professional growth, that’s why I was glad I was able to attend this event."  

"A beautiful host and an empowering event for all women.”  

"The event was aimed at real life issues with women who faced various obstacles in life. The delivery was executed well."